I Can Tell If You Are Brushing And Flossing

Here's a secret: your dentist can tell if you are brushing properly and flossing, if at all. Let's imagine you're in the dental chair for a check up and cleaning. As your dentist conducts her exam, she asks, "How's your brushing? Are you flossing?" You're suddenly feeling guilty but don't want to be judged so you casually respond, "Good. Yes!" Meanwhile, your dentist notices red or bleeding gums and plaque buildup in some areas.

The truth is, just about everyone suffers from some level of plaque-induced gingivitis between cleanings. But what determines whether this condition reverts to healthy gums or proceeds to gum disease is your oral care routine at home. Your dentist and/or dental hygienist will help you develop a plan of attack to get you on the road to healthy teeth and gums. But first, you must be honest with yourself. "We cannot change what we do not acknowledge." Profound, right? That Dr. Phil really knows his stuff. As your dentist, I would advise, "Brush the teeth you want to keep!"