I'm scared of the DENTIST!


Lots of people are afraid of the dentist. Why? Some are afraid because they've had a previous bad experience as a child. Others are afraid because they have not been to a dentist in years. Some don't like needles or the sound of the drill. But the dental office doesn't have to be a scary place. I'm here to tell you that achieving your best smile can be easy, sometimes messy, and yes... FUN!

Let's start at the beginning. You've just scheduled an appointment at a new dental office. What's next? Well, when you come to my office, first you have to sign your life away... Just kidding! Not really. In an effort to learn why you came to the office, and to asses your medical and dental history, every patient fills out the dreaded registration forms. TIP: This is easy especially if you fill them out online at home! That way your appointment will run smoothly and begin as soon as you arrive (*wink wink*) because no one likes to spend20 minutes checking off tiny boxes.

Next, we take xrays. (Actually, the correct term is radiographs but who's checking anyway?) I tell my patients this will be the hardest part of their visit. Nothing sucks more than someone shoving what seems like a deck of cards in your mouth and telling you to hold it for seconds on end as you try desperately not to move and breathe through your nose. #Triggered. If you are a new patient in our office, we take a full mouth series or FMX. If you're back for your annual check up, you might get lucky and only need 4 bitewings instead.

Now it's time for the exam! This part is easy. Ready for your instructions?...Open wide and say Ahh! Let me do all the work examining, measuring, and taking notes.

Are you ready for the most relaxing part? We usually end our appointments with a nice scrub, I mean cleaning. Cue the 80's Greatest Hits as we rock out and blast the 6 months of calculus you've built up on your teeth. Personal shopper...FORGET THAT! This is the only time when you'll have your very own personal flosser. And when I'm done, your teeth will feel squeaky clean like freshly Windexed glass windows.

By the time your chair is raised back to a seated position, and the room is being cleared of dirty instruments and debris, you'll wonder why you were ever afraid. You talked, smiled, and maybe even laughed a little. We answered all your questions and eased your fears. So what you have a cavity or two... As you swish and spit mouth rinse and adjust your hair in the mirror over the sink, you'll think to yourself, "It wasn't bad. Not bad at all."

Next Visit: Oral Hygiene Instruction